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How Great Thou Art (Live)

How Great Thou Art (Live)

Recommended video for those who attend Sunday Church Services.

The wiki of a YouTube Channel. A new series is now active. The series is called DieselDorky Bloopers Click here for more into follow.

Important Update About DieselDorky Bloopers

Season 2 has just been released with the first episode, shown right within its directory. Be aware of any glitches on this directory and the glitch will be fixed as more episodes are uploaded.

About DieselDorky16

DieselDorky is a name from two boys scripting a youtube channel called DieselDucy, an Elevator Photographer. The 16 came from the day after the channel is created, on September 15, 2015. The first video was not uploaded until December 2, 2015 The YouTube Channel AND Site can be found in the link that will be posted later.

DieselDorky16 News

DieselDorky16 News is a meteorlogical and trending site where no pay is done, which is a true, fact-check (will come later), and trending now updates. Comes with local weather alerts in the US, and more. Not all information on alerts is 100% accurate. You can find articles through video and on a written-up site. Visit the news site at:

Oh, and in addition, a new version of the news site is now available:

(below) news-team site logo below, no slogan attached yet.


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Watch our channel trailer below.

DieselDorky16 Trailer

DieselDorky16 Trailer

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