Intro Edit

Dorkmodnar is a series that is a satire to ssedmodnar from SMG4, but it's collected from random vines remixed into a series.

Skits Edit

  1. A Remix of Baby Einstein World of Colors Show, with some MLG-Based Editing (SMOKE WEED) featuring DramaAlert Keemstar.
  2. DieselDorky Comes On And Does An Impression of "On All Levels of Physical", then redirects to a dog from Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban.
  3. SpongeBob Tells Patrick to Listen To Your Heart, then a song comes on playing, that song.
  4. From the Video, Peppa and George learn to Drink Bleach, Rebecca Rabit asks the pigs to teach them how to drink Chlorox. Peppa Replies "No That's Boring Like You."
  5. From the Instant Replay from Fleeing the Complex, just as Henry shoots the gun, the frame freezes with "To Be Continued".
  6. The Instant Replay goes, but then there's ear rape from when the man shoots the gun to the illuminati eyes.
  7. The guy boi-slapped another person to the rhythm of A Thousand Years by Christina Perri
  8. Peppa Pig talks about music, and then just as Peppa is playing the song, the intro to The Fitnessgram Pacer Test goes off.
  9. Idubbz Jumps down and claims that he's gay, then shows an inverted image of IDUBBZ and the word "TRIGGERED".
  10. DieselDorky talks about how every episode in Peppa Pig shows I'm Piglet.
  11. The I'm Gay Meme is back with a To Be Continued Edition
  12. Annie says nazi things, then in response a back kid yells "That's Racist!"
  13. DieselDorky Returns with the iPhone 6, plugs it in, then plays the Fitnessgram™ Pacer Test Intro Ringtone
  14. The Boi Slap returns, with part of a song from You Are Lord by Hillsong Live (Hope: 2003)
  15. Daddy Pig was talking to Ms. Rabbit, requests Poppets. Daddy Pig replies with a No, then Ms. Rabbit's face goes weird, and pauses at To Be Continued.
  16. Daddy Pig requests Marijuana (Weed), but the Reindeer plays the Fitnessgram™ Pacer Test Intro
  17. From the Clip of Little Keemstars Go On A Trip To Insanity, Quincy says that falling asleep helps June have sex with Leo (June sucks Leo's cock). Then the song, Real Nigga Hours in Ear Rape is played.
  18. DieselDorky talks about Harry Potter, the scene transitions to a scene from Prisoner of Azkaban. Then the Triggered Meme Returns.
  19. The same clip where Harry Potter says "My Dad Wasn't A Drunk". Then Marge breaks the glass, but freezes with To Be Continued at the most dramatic moment.
  20. From the clip of Little Keemstars Go On A Trip To Insanity, Leo turns on his "Pingas". Eggman's face appears, then pulls up his baton "dildo".
  21. Peppa's favorite game is raisins, then Peppa and George turn into weird position with the To Be Continued Meme.
  22. Daddy Pig had a library book for too long, then scans the book. The alert tone is the Fitnessgram™ Pacer Test Intro.
  23. A Scene Transitions to Peppa is Waiting for her "Girlfriend", Susy Sheep. Then Robbie Rotten tells everyone don't let their kids watch it.
  24. Daddy Pig dives, then transitions into Idubbz saying he's gay, but it's censored.
  25. George says penis, then Robbie Rotten appears again with the same message as seen in Skit #23.
  26. Marge Dursley is totally heating up Harry Potter when comparing his parents to the dogs. To Be Continued is shown right before Harry yells shut up.
  27. The Boi Slap appears again, but does "This is Living by Hillsong Young and Free"
  28. Mommy Pig's computer is broken. She calls Daddy Pig "Dinner Pig".
  29. As the same skit as Skit #21, but after Peppa says rasins, the Fitnessgram™ Pacer Test Intro goes off.
  30. Peppa and Mommy Pig's face swapped, and they're faceless at the time To Be Continued appears.
  31. DieselDorky returns with saying Bee Movie, then shows the Bee Movie Script in the form of a macOS error box using Automator.
  32. From Dr. Butt and a Sad Guord, the guy says "Did You Just Assume My Gender", then plays the Fitnessgram™ Pacer Test Intro.
  33. Daddy Pig wonders What is for dinner. To Be Continued Meme Appears Here.
  34. SpongeBob does Victory Screech of "My Dad Wasn't A Drunk". Then everyone repeats.
  35. From Skit #19, except instead of To Be Continued, the Fitnessgram™ Pacer Test Intro plays.
  36. SpongeBob does the slow-dance position to Patrick, then does Sign of the Times by Harry Styles, while clips from Super Mario Galaxy 2 is shown.
  37. The Boi Slap Meme Returns with Firework by Katy Perry.
  38. Camera effects go weird on DieselDorky, then pauses with Dorkmodnar stops working.
  39. A Remix of My Baby Einstein Collection is shown.
  40. A remix of Road Trip Prequel to Mitchell Hill is shown too.
  41. Another remix of the Hampton Inn Hotel Tour
  42. The skit from Ssenmodnar 2, the scene shows Cedric and Sofia clinking wands, then sticks a triangle. Ssenmodnar 2 is shown.