This is the original video of the remix of Fail-O-Vator Video. Where DieselDorky16 attempts the button, but ends up failing to activate the elevator.

(dieseldorky train goes up)

Me: Oh, and guess who we have here.

Train: It's me, DieselDorky

Me: All right, DieselDorky

Train: We are here at the elevator at... Terminus building, at Louisville, Maine

Me: All right.

Train: This is one of the old elevators

Me: Let's see if this works DieselDorky. Go ahead an push the button.

(train pushes button)

Me: What on earth.

Me: Let me check in the piston.

(camera moves to the crack of the door hinge, which is acting like the hole in the elevator, where the piston is located usually in the elevator.)

Me: Piston not moving (moves camera upward) Try that again DieselDorky.

Train: Ok

(train pushes button nonstop)

Me: What?

Me: Oh no!

(dieseldorky presses button)

Me: What?!? The elevator is broken.

(shot goes up to the segment of train)

Me: All right dieseldorky, That's a fail!

Me: This is what we call a fail-o-vator.

Me: E-P-I-C, FAIL!

(Camera hits black stage)