Playing on more detail from Harry Potter and the Reconcile of June 15th Parts One and Two from Season Two, this shows possible of Britain's point of view of their morning of June 15, 2017. Snape mentions it in the middle of a dueling club and it sent everyone at Hogwarts through insanity.


Today is October 20, 2015, which in an alternate wizarding world, is Dudley's 11th birthday. When Harry turns 13, which in a year-and-a-half, Snape tells the entire class that the day is June 15. Apparently, Snape kills Gilderoy Lockhart shortly after with his Killing Curse in 2017.

Harry, with Comrac McLaggen, got out of detention, but got raped by Snape after trying to hide his identity from Snape.

Then Harry slow danced with Padma Patil, with an ending montage of the song As It Is (In Heaven).


  • In the video thumbnail, Harry's scar is actually word spelled out "mudblood", a racial derogatory slang for a muggle or muggle-born, which is at the same offense level as the word NCENSORED