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The seventh episode in the series, the original video is LarryBoy and the Rumor Weed.

Plot Edit

The French Peas left the theater, leaving one of them saying "That was a bee movie". The other pea, replies with "meme", and told the fist one how that monster looked like shit.

The milk money bandit comes in and steals 28 nickels. Then, the Theme Song to LarryMan, followed the script of the original remix from the video, LarryMan Twice by Jimmy Davis.

Then, in the classroom, Father Asparagus said "fuck you" to Alfred (aka. Ms. Finister Flirt), and then tried to ask him to spread rumors about your mom. Followed by asking them out on a date if you hear rumors. Dad Asparagus told the kids next class, they're going to learn about murders.

Then this random weed comes out with the line "what the fuck", and then it's this cursing wii-u.

Then this Wii-U destroys everything.

Characters Edit

  • Larry the Cucumber
  • Scooter Carrot
  • Milk Money Bandit cameo
  • Archibald Asparagus
  • French Peas cameo
  • Asparagus Singers cameo
  • Junior Asparagus
  • Laura Asparagus
  • Father Asparagus
  • Rumor Weed
  • Mr. Nezzer
  • Random Carrot Dude
  • Dat Boi mentioned , offscreen
  • No God Please No Dude cameo

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