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About Super Mario Galaxy

Super Mario Galaxy is a game released by Nintendo Wii in 2007, after Super Mario 64.


Princess Peach holds a party at her castle in the Mushroom Kingdom, during the Star Festival (Every 100 Years). Their festival gets ruined by Bowser and kidnaps Peach to the secret world.


Mario has to go through six domes in the Comet Observatory. The first one is the Terrace. Then the fountain, Kitchen, Bedroom, Engine Room, and Garden. There's also Hungry Luma Galaxies by each dome, including the Gate (Gateway Galaxy), but not at the center of the universe. Mario also gets to rescue Peach, then plays as Luigi as soon as Mario gets up to 120 stars. As a grand star gets collected, a new dome or task or surprise is available.

Let's Play Information

The episode count is going towards 66, but that may change soon, depending on the timing and editing. Bunch of editing and music and sound-cover-up.

Series is Rated PG for mild cartoon violence and some language. Game is rated E for mild cartoon violence.

Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy Part 1 - Dino Piranha12:27

Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy Part 1 - Dino Piranha


(Thumbnail shows Dino Piranha just hatched out of the egg, as about to fight against Mario/Luigi)


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