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Background Information Edit

With the sequel to Madame Dude Berry and the Rareware Crackers (by Jimmy Davis), this joke, comes back once again.

Plot Edit

Following the same plot line, but extends out a little more, it's based on the revenge of the whities (the managers of Mom Mart). This time, These three white guys are being racially offensive to Madame Blueberry, leaving no choice but to lose her home.

Trivia Edit

  • In the beginning of the movie, Bob says "and welcome to-" and then a cover of Super Mario Galaxy 2 appears, then a clip from Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy Intro - Grand Star Rescue shows in the part of the Grand Star Get while the theme Super Mario Galaxy Credits Theme appears.
  • Shortly after, the line was said by Bob again, but then shows a clip from Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy Part 70 - 121 Stars! The Mushroom Ending - I Beat the Game!, the part where Mario is collecting purple coins in the scene shown
  • According to Madame Dude Berry and the Rareware Crackers, Madame sings "I'm So..." and then transitions to the scene of the song "Blue Da Ba Dee Da Ba Die". This appears in this episode too.
  • When the white guys threatened death upon Madame Blueberry, a triggered meme is shown while the background music, Still by Hillsong Worship while distorted into an ear rape audio track for a few seconds.
  • When Archibald Asparagus interrupts the silly song, he says the same line as the previous Madame Dude Berry video. He tells everyone viewing the video that "you all suck".
  • After the break, a scene shows Stuff Mart cafeteria, while the background music plays "smoke weed everyday" by Snoop Dogg while the SFX "do the Mario" is played twice.

Characters Edit

  • Larry the Cucumber
  • Bob the Tomato
  • Archibald Asparagus cameo
  • Junior Asparagus
  • Father Asparagus cameo
  • Jean Claude Pea offscreen
  • Phillippe Pea offscreen
  • The Three Whities
  • The Asparagus Group cameo

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