Background Information Edit

Stupid Mario Galaxy 1.5 is between SMG4's R64: Stupid Mario Galaxy the Original video, and the possible sequel to that. It has been labeled as 1.5 in case there is such sequel. The remixed video is mostly LarryBoy and the Bad Apple, but there is other videos mixed into it.

Plot Edit

Bob the Tomato and LarryBoy appear on the countertop. Alfred joins along, and they got a letter from a business in Japan called Nintendo.

The video focuses in one galaxy called "Bumblyburg Galaxy". This galaxy focuses on this fictional city where LarryBoy is present in the past releases of VeggieTales. The first mission is called The Chocolate Bandits. The second one is called Apply's Revenge.

The Chocolate Bandits Edit

Focusing on the first problem in the movie, LarryBoy (typically acts like Mario)'s goal is to rescue the chocolate bar and retrieve it to its owner. Just like the Mission C'mere Topman from Super Mario Galaxy 2, or bringing back the golden shell to land in Bigmouth Galaxy (Can be seen in Let's Play Super Mario Galaxy Series)

The bandits stole the chocolate bar from Junior Asparagus, and get away. Junior's dad told the law enforcement (police) to grab the bandits.

The star get scene shows after LarryBoy roasts the heck out of the bandits by calling them "bitch" after a forceful line.

Apply's Revenge Edit

In the end of the video, (the last mission), LarryBoy (Mario) definitely tries to outwit the apple (as final boss), who kidnapped peach (kidnapping not seen). When the Apple tries to reveal peach, he turns into bowser and shows him the princess.

LarryBoy then fights the bad apple, and eventually beats the apple. The song, "A Chance to Get the Star" is played (in both SMG1 and SMG2), followed by a Star Get scene.

Trivia Edit

  • When LarryBoy took the Chocolate, he said "You won't be needing chocolate where you're going", then he said "Bitch!" with the MLG Glasses, roasting the crap out of the bandits

Characters Edit

  • Mario
  • Bowser
  • Princess Peach cameo
  • SMG4 cameo
  • Worm
  • Bad Apple
  • Petunia
  • LarryBoy
  • Bob the Tomato
  • Alfred
  • Junior Asparagus cameo
  • Chocolate Bandit Scallions
  • Officer Scooter
  • Junior's Dad Asparagus cameo
  • Madame Blueberry (as the mayor)
  • Jon Claude cameo