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This series is now known as DieselDorky Bloopers. Veggie64 Bloopers is now a discontinued name, but the series is still going..

Series Description

First known as YouTube Poop 64 (satire of R64 on SMG4), DieselDorky Bloopers is a series of YouTube Poops (often mashups and colored-bar cutscenes) that are remixed videos, often to entertain but partially, but not intended to annoy or criticize viewers. Like the original Super Mario 64 Bloopers in SMG4, DieselDorky Bloopers are mostly focused on VeggieTales as the main show, but often times, memes will be added along with sound effects.

First aired on YouTube on November 5, 2017, this is the first video to ever show a Peppa Pig-related YouTube Poop. The first episode is called Peppa Goes to an Office Where Workers Play Super Mario Galaxy, This is Season 1 Episode 1.

Advertising and Copyright Limitations and/or Restrictions

Because of content ID claims, The episodes may have ads running on them or blocked in some countries. If a video is taken down, a download of the video will be available. Permission is required, due to legal issues.

Advertising Restrictions

  • Ads will appear on episodes

Copyright Restrictions

  • Videos Viewable Worldwide
  • Videos Viewable Across All Devices
    • Exception is for the following:
      • Episode 6

You can view the current episodes list down below:

Episodes in the Series

These episodes are formatted in a table below, to be organized to keep things neat and in order instead of the outline format.

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1 Episode 2
Peppa Goes to an Office Where Workers Play Super Mario Galaxy Doctor Jack and this High Doctor (VeggieTales YTP)
Episode 3 Episode 4
The Case of Larry the Cuke and the Villainous Mr. Slaws-ayy Mr. Noozer's Trip to Insanity
Episode 5 Episode 6
King George and the Donkey Madame Dude Berry and the Revenge of the Crackers
Episode 7 Episode 8
LarryMan and the Cursing Wii-U The Theif Who Tried to Steal Miami
Episode 9/10 Episode 11
asdfmemes The Ultimate Shenanigans of asdfmovie
Episode 12 Episode 13
R64: Stupid Mario Galaxy 1.5 Little Keemstars Go On A Trip To Insanity
Episode 14 Episode 15
SpongeBob's Malfunctioned Misadventure With Peewee Pirahna The Flaulent Shennanigans of Soflo the Worst
Episode 16 Episode 17
Cedric the Perverted Sorcerer Dorkmodnar 1
Episode 18 Episode 19
The Stolen Amulet and Sofia the Pornist Peppa Pig Plays A Game Called Sauce-E
Episode 20 Episode 21

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